Ahhhh so Canada Post changed their minds, that or they respond to threats which is good to know XD

because wee one is here and they are so freakin’ cute :D

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Fucking hell Canada Post, all weekend you’ve been saying wee one will be delivered today. Now you suddenly decide you’re just going to hang onto them an extra day for absolutely no reason. If that status doesn’t change to out for delivery soon, I’m going to be so pissed off  >:/

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It worked on me-

*sigh* there are these bjd bunk beds on eBay and I want one soooo badly and they’re on sale but I’m broke from buying wee one until my next paycheck. I’m probably going to end up getting one anyway at this rate.

I just keep picturing Ophelia climbing down like


and now I have to watch Digimon again… I’m sorry… I’m weak…

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My Grandma sent us Ross’s Edinburgh Castle Rock, omg where has this stuff been all my life. I’ve had normal rock candy, but never soft stuff…

I ate it all and now I’m looking online to try and find more of it near me.

  #I'm very tempted to steal my brother's    #I still smell it in the box    #if this is the kind of stuff the Scottish eat    #I need to get more in touch with my heritage  

Super crappy pics (because I’m too lazy to set up my tripod) of what I’ve been working on :P

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Decided to check the status on wee one just to make sure the payment had gone through alright.

Status: on shipping.

Oh good that means their making them. Nope. On shipping means they freaking shipped!! XD

I only ordered on the 14th 0-0

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Basic set up of Rhiannon room. It still needs some work and his walls are gone because I sprayed them today :p But at least you get the idea.

omg so cool!! :D

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Do you have a boyfriend?? Not to sound weird or anything....


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